Manually entering a student’s leaving date

All students who leave must be given a leaving date.

The simplest way to manage students who have left is to do so automatically when doing an import. When you import a file, the system can mark all students not in the file as left.

However, if necessary you can manually add leaving dates.

To manually add a leaving date #

  1. Navigate to Manage Students in MyBSquared .
  2. Search for the required student. Use the Choose Filter drop down list and/or alphabet to help you search.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the student.

The Edit Student window opens.

  1. Enter a leaving date in the Leaving Date field.

If the leaving date was in the past, the student is removed from your current list of students. If the leaving date is in the future, the student will be removed from your current list of students on that date.

Note: Giving a student a leaving date means they are added to the Historic Group. All data remains intact and will be included in the analysis when they were in the school.