Why is my student not on a framework

There are a couple of reasons that a student might not be on a framework, and the article will go over how to fix this issue.

The first step is to check what framework(s) the student has been allocated. Navigate to My BSquared, click on “Manage Students” and find the student in the list. Click on the pencil to edit and you will find the framework(s) that they are currently on next to “Current Framework”.

  • Is the default framework missing?
    If a student is working on the default framework, you will find the words “(Default)” next to the framework. This means that the student follows the default framework path as set on the “Assessment Files V5” screen.
    If “(Default)” does not appear next to the listed framework, then it means that the default framework has been replaced by the one showing. In that case click on the pencil to edit and the “Edit Framework” modal will appear. Now edit the framework which displays “replaces main framework”. Make sure you untick “Replace main Framework” and click on Save. After closing the modals you will now see the default framework and supplementary framework in the “Current Framework” list.
  • Is the student working on multiple frameworks?
    If you want to add a supplementary framework, then click on the edit button to open the “Edit Frameworks” modal. Click on the “+” icon and select the framework you want to add from the drop-down list. Only tick “Replace main Framework” if you want to replace the default framework, otherwise make sure this is un-ticked so the chosen framework will be added as a supplementary framework. Then click on Save and close the modal and you will now see the list of frameworks updated in the “Current Framework” list.
    Note: If the framework you wish to add does not display in the drop-down, then the student might be outside of the age range set for this framework. Please check the age ranges set on the “Assessment Files V5” screen.

If you are having issues with managing the frameworks, then I recommend watching the video below.

Managing Frameworks, Books and Structures – B Squared Support