Managing Frameworks, Books and Structures

Schools have always been able to purchase the assessment content that suits their school. Some schools will use a single framework, Primary Steps for example. Other schools will use multiple frameworks.

There is a big shift away from all pupils being assessed in one system, the same subjects for pupils with complex needs and the most able pupils. Schools are often splitting pupils into 2 groups:

  • Pupils not yet engaged in subject specific learning. These are the more complex pupils, working at the lowest attainment levels. Assessment is focussed on cognition, emotions, physical movement and communication.
  • Pupils engaged in subject specific learning. There are the more able pupils. Assessment is focussed on subjects like numeracy or literacy. Other non-academic areas exist, but have less of a focus. Most pupils are engaged in subject specific learning.

Connecting Steps supports both types of learners with our range of frameworks. Schools can choose the frameworks that suits their pupils and can use multiple frameworks together. Connecting Steps V5 adds a range of features that makes it easier for schools to work with pupils using multiple frameworks.

This video guide explains what frameworks, books and structures, how they can be managed for Connecting Steps V5 and what the impact is.

Frameworks, books and structures are managed in our new Manage Assessments for V5 screen in MyBSquared.