Group Assessment by Level screen overview

Group Assessment by Level is used to assess a group of students who are working on a similar project on the same level or year.

You can see the whole class on the screen at the same time and update an assessment point for the whole class with one click.

What do the coloured circles next to a student’s name indicate? #

An orange circle indicates that the student is working on a higher level than the one selected in the Selection panel.

A red circle indicates that this student is not working on the framework selected in the Selection panel.

No circle means that the student could be assessed on the selected level.

The filter function #

Use the filter to refine your selection. For example: to only show students working on a particular frameworks or to select particular students.

Add achievements #

You can add achievements on this screen by using the Add Achievement function.

You can also select multiple achievement points and assign them to the whole group.