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Connecting Steps V5

Students automatically jump to their next class on the 1st of September. If they haven’t been set new classes, the students will disappear. No data has gone, once the pupils are back in classes, the students and their data will re-appear, if you are struggling with this we have a video talking about this, Take a look…

Connecting Steps V5 is the latest version of Connecting Steps, launched 6 May 2021.

Connecting Steps V5 is faster and easier to use. It also works on tablets, without the need for an app.

Connecting Steps V5 brings lots of new features to help schools save time and be more effective.

There’s a whole Getting Started section on this site including useful guides and videos to help your school get up and running quickly and easily.

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We have recorded free training videos to help our schools use our software.

These videos help new users learn how to use the software and help existing users to get even more from the software.

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No. Connecting Steps V5 is a free upgrade to all schools currently using Connecting Steps V4.

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