Baselining on the Individual Level Summary screen

Connecting Steps uses a baseline as a starting point for each student within each subject.

The baseline is the date when you start to assess a student; it gives you an approximate idea of where a student’s level is when they start a subject.

It is important to baseline all students so you can see a completed level for each student.

To baseline a student in a particular subject #

  1. Navigate to Assessments | Individual Level Summary in Connecting Steps.
  2. Select the required group type, group, student and framework from the drop-down lists in the selection panel.

Your selection displays on screen.

  1. Click Add Baseline.
  2. Select the date type from the drop-down list.
    • Framework start date – admission date of the student or the day the student started a particular framework. We highly recommend to always use this option
    • Current date – today’s date.
    • Custom date – enter the date you require by clicking on the Today calendar icon.
  1. Click the level you want the baseline to start from.

Note: use the level the student is currently working on as the baseline.

The letter B appears, indicating this is the baseline. The letter C indicates the current level.