A quick way to access a previously viewed Assessment screen is to save it as a favourite.

To save an assessment screen as a favourite #

  1. Make the required selections from the selection panel in an Assessment screen.
  2. Click the Save As Favourite icon.
    Either choose a category from the drop-down list
    Create a new category by clicking Create new category, entering a Category name and clicking Add category. Then selecting the required category from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.

Viewing a previously saved favourite screen #

You can find all your previously saved favourites on the Connecting Steps home screen.

To view a favourite screen #

  1. Navigate to the home screen in Connecting Steps.
  2. Click your previously saved Category under Favourites.
    The Category favourites workspace window opens.
  3. Click the required category.
    All the previously saved screens saved under that category are shown.
  4. Click the favourite screen you require.
    Connecting Steps displays the required screen.