Regression within Connecting Steps 

Recording Regression 
If pupils regress, it is important that this is reflected in the assessment system and that the assessment system has a true reflection of pupil attainment. 

In Connecting Steps, you can regress pupils by overwriting assessments with a lower level of achievement/engagement. 

When you overwrite an assessment, the previous assessments is still in the system. The system can show the full history for each assessment point, with all the different levels of achievement/engagement, when they were recorded and who recorded the achievement. 

If you overwrite an assessment which has been achieved (green) with an experienced (yellow/orange), then the percentage complete will reduce. It will reduce on the day the new achievement was added. The percentage complete will increase and decrease as pupils achieve or regress.

Showing Regression 
The majority of reports in Connecting Steps show regression as well as progress. You can use any of the graphs to show progress and regression.  

The assessments changed report shows any assessment point where the achievement level has changed between the 2 specified dates. It is a great way to highlight all the areas where a pupil has regressed. The information can be sorted by level or date order. Ordering the report by date is a great way to highlight a time period where regression has happened or when regression started. 

Using Notes to add more information 
You can use the notes feature within Connecting Steps to add more information around the pupil’s regression. You can use the notes to help tell more of a story around regression.