Setting up your default frameworks

Set your default frameworks in the Assessment Files screen in MyBSquared.

Before setting your default frameworks you must:

  1. Decide which frameworks you’ll be using.
  2. Set all the age ranges for those frameworks.

Note: If you change the frameworks you are using or change an age range for a framework, you have to reset your default frameworks again.

To apply the default framework to an age range #

  1. Navigate to Assessment Files in MyBSquared.
  2. Click on the blue button “Set Default Frameworks for your school“.

The Default Frameworks window opens, displaying a Gannt chart that shows you the full age range for which each framework is available. You can see the age range along the bottom of the chart.

Beneath the Gantt chart is a list of the different age ranges the system has identified based on your framework age settings.

  1. Click the Edit icon next to the required age range.

A drop down list is activated in the Default Framework column.

  1. Select the framework you want to associate with that particular age range.
  2. Click Save and then OK.