Giving Parent /Guardians Access to Evisense

Parents/Guardians can access Evisense via the website or the app.

To turn on Parents/Guardians access

  1. Log into MyBSquared
  2. Go to  Evisense Options
  3. Turn the slider for Guardian Access  to green
  4. Set the Access Level:
    View & Like – allows parents/guardians to view and like posts
    View & Comment – allows parents/guardians to view, like and comment on posts
    View, Like & Create- allows parents/guardians to add their own evidence in addition to viewing, liking and commenting on a post

To invite Parents/Guardians to use Evisense

  1. Log into MyBSquared
  2. Go to  Manage Students click Edit next to the student 
  3. At the bottom of the screen Click on  ‘Manage Guardians’
  4. In the pop-up window add the  email address required for access and click the + symbol on the right of the page 
  5. Clicking on the  + symbol will send an email invite to the user 

Note: You can view pending guardians on the “Manage Guardians” screen, where you can re-send the invitation / delete the invited guardian if required.