Adding New User

To Set up new users in MyBSquared

  1. In MyBSquared Navigate to Manage Users
  2. Select Invite Users
  3. Enter the email addresses of the users to be invited. This must be a real email address as the system will generate an invitation email.  
  4. In the drop down menu select the role to assign. *Assignable roles below 
  5. Select the Add option ( + )
  6.  Add additional users from step 3 until all appear in the Assign Licences box.
  7. Using the slider, select the licences required for Connecting Steps and/or Evisense access.
    The number of available Connecting Steps licenses will be displayed. There are unlimited Evisense users licenses.
  8. Press Send Invites then Ok

Assignable roles are as follows.

  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant/Learning Assistant
  • Asst SENCO
  • Assistant Headteacher/Assistant Principal
  • Deputy Headteacher/Vice Principal
  • Headteacher/Principal
  • Executive Headteacher/Executive Principal
  • Data Manager
  • IT Administrator
  • Student Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Super Administrator (Only one and can only be assigned by B Squared)