Managing subjects within a framework

Your school may have purchased a framework in which not all the subjects or profiles are required. In Connecting Steps V5 you can select which subjects appear within a particular framework. For example: if your school is using the Early Steps Framework but does not need Geography, you can disable this subject.

To enable or disable a subject or Profile #

  1. Navigate to Assessment Files in MyBSquared.
  2. Click the Manage Subjects icon next to the relevant framework.

A window relevant to the framework opens. The slide button next to enabled subjects/profiles is green, and next to disabled ones is red.


  1. Click the slide button next to the subject/profile you want to enable or disable.
  2. Click Done.

The selected subjects/profiles are disabled or enabled in Connecting Steps.

Note: Please make sure to logout and log back into Connecting Steps after performing those changes, since settings are loaded upon logging into the software.