Getting started with Evisense

If you or your school have just been given access to Evisense, then this is the place to look for help with using the software.

There is only one app for all users (staff, parents, students, and external professionals). If you are using it on mobile, then the app is for iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, and Amazon Fire devices, or you can use the website. With Evisense, it is easy to use to create posts, just like you would on social media, but far more secure. You can link multiple photos, videos, audio clips, PDFs, and Office documents to posts.

If you already use Connecting Steps, Evisense uses the same users, groups, students, and assessment content. You can be up and running in under 2 minutes! Additionally, Evisense links up with Connecting Steps, allowing you to evidence learning and assess from Evisense. You do not need to open Connecting Steps to record the assessment (assessment tracking features require an active Connecting Steps subscription). This includes being linked to different aspects, such as the 4 Broad Areas of Need, EHCP, IEP, 4 Purposes, 4 capacities, school values, and many more.

Evisense contains multiple post categories. Each of these is clearly identified, and the user can view all posts or filter to a post category. Using our structured posts, schools can specify what information is required when creating a post. For example – What does the evidence show? What are the next steps?

Getting Started Guides #

Below are the guides for getting started with the software for each type of user.

User Guide – Getting Started on the New Evisense Website – B Squared Support

User Guide – Getting Started on the New Evisense App – B Squared Support

Guide for Parents – Getting Started with New Evisense – B Squared Support