Who can see Evisense posts?

You decide who can see your posts by selecting privacy permissions when you add evidence.

The permissions you can choose are

  • Teachers – this means that you are only sharing posts with other teachers. This is the default setting.
  • All Staff – this post will not only be visible to teachers but also to staff and senior leaders.
  • All Staff and External Users – this makes the post visible to all above as well as External Users, which have limited access and is given to external professionals such as therapists, social services or moderators.
  • All Staff, External Users and Parents/Guardians – gives access to all above as well as Parents/Guardians who will only have access to content linked to their student.
  • All Staff, External Users, Parents/Guardians and students – give additional access for students with their own accounts to see the posts as well as everyone else.
  • All Staff and Parents/Guardians – gives access to all staff and Parents/Guardians but removes access for External users.
  • All Staff, Parents/Guardians and students- same as above but gives additional access to students.
  • All Staff and students- posts will only be shared between all staff and the students, parents/guardians won’t be able to see these posts.

You can set post privacy settings for each individual post, the default setting for each post type is set by your school.

To change permission when adding a post #

  1. Create a post by clicking “Add New”.
  2. Click the permissions drop-down that says Teachers by default (the permissions drop-down will be under your account name).
  3. Choose the permission you want to give the post.

Now when you upload your post, it will be giving these permissions.

If at any point you want to change what permissions a post has, you can do so by clicking on the padlock symbol on the post and setting the new permission.