What do the coloured balloons in the EYFS curriculum mean?

When you are adding evidence for a child on the English EYFS curriculum you have the option to link to nine coloured balloons.

These are The Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL)

Each colour refers to an Area of Learning and Development

Blue – Playing and exploring – Engagement

Green – Active learning – Motivation

Purple – Creating and thinking critically – Thinking

Within each area the initials refer a specific area 

FE – Finding out and exploring

UK – Playing with what they know

HG – Being willing to ‘have a go’

BI – Being involved and concentrating

KT – Keeping trying

EA – Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

HI – Having their own ideas

LN – Making links

CW – Choosing ways to do things

You can select to link a piece of evidence to any of these areas.