Guardian Access

Schools can give access to parents and guardians to use Evisense. Guardians can only view evidence for the students they have been given access to. This is managed by linking guardians to students. We have provided schools with the ability to choose the level of access parents and guardians have

  1. Guardians Cannot Access – This is the default option, parents and guardians cannot access Evisense
  2. Guardians Can Access – This option allows guardians to access Evisense but they cannot comment.
  3. Guardians Can Comment –  This option allows guardians to access Evisense, they can also comment and like any posts
  4. Guardian Can Post Evidence/Messages – This option allows guardians to access Evisense, they can comment and like posts and they add their own evidence.

Give guardians access to Evisense and to set their access level

  1. From MyBSquared navigate to Evisense Options
  2. In the Guardian Access section
  3. Choose level of access using the Sliders 

Inviting parents and guardians to use Evisense

  1. From MyBSquared navigate to Manage Students
  2. Find the appropriate student and select the Edit icon (pencil) to access the Edit User panel.
  3. Click on Manage Guardians
  4. Type in the guardian’s email address
  5. Click +
  6. Click Close followed by Save

The guardian will now receive an email inviting them to create an account. Once they create their account they can log in to Evisense in the web browser or use the Evisense app.