Creating and printing reports

Use Evisense to:

  • create visually engaging reports.
  • share reports electronically, including access to photo/video evidence of learning to bring your students’ achievements to life.
  • add QR codes to printed reports so that videos and and audio can be watched and listened to on an appropriate device, i.e. mobile phone, tablet. This can be a useful feature at reviews.

To create a report from Evisense #

  1. Click the gear wheel at the top of the Evisense screen and select Print from the drop-down list.
  2. Tailor your report by selecting from the options. See below for further details about the options.
  3. Click Next, and when the Generate Reportdialog box appears click Build Report.

Evisense generates your report.

This may take sometime depending on the amount of evidence.

Print/Save and Add to Evisense #

When Evisense has finished creating your report the Generate Report dialog box displays again with options to:

  • Print/Save: select this option to create a PDF which you can print or save.
  • Add To Evidence: select this option to add your report to Evisense.
Gallery view #

You can see your saved reports in the Gallery View. Click this icon for the gallery view:

About options #

Layout Option: #
  • Whole Page Layout – display one piece of evidence per page
  • Multi Page Layout – displays multiple pieces of evidence per page
For Parents: #
  • Allows a school to build a report with evidence that has been marked for Parents or Teacher Only
Filtering Options: #
  • Select Group: select a group
  • Select Student: select a student (this option only appears when you select a specific group)
  • Select Curriculum: select curriculum (only curriculum valid for the selected student display)
  • Select Subject: select a subject (this option  only appears when you select a curriculum)
  • Select Profile: select a subject profile (this option only appears if you select a subject)
  • Select Level: select a level (this option only appears if you select a profile)
  • Select Strand: select a strand (this option only appears if you select a level)
  • Select Aspect/s: select aspects of learning (this option only appears when you select a curriculum)
  • Date Range: select a date range for your report
  • Newest first: select this to show the most recent evidence first in the report
Title Page Options #
  • Include Title Page: allows schools to include a title page on the report 
  • Report Title: the name of the report (you must include a title for your report)
  • Show Dates: show the dates on the report
  • Show Filters: select this to show the filters you selected for the report
Evidence Printing Options #

The options in this section let you choose what evidence types to include in your report: text posts, images, audio etc.

You can also choose to include: a QR code, additional aspects and linked assessments in your report.

You can include all comments, only teacher comments or none.

Display Options #
  • Display Curriculum – select this option to show the curriculum in your report. 
  • Long Date – select this option to display dates in this format: 5th February 2020