Safeguarding student data

Evisense takes looking after student data extremely seriously and has robust measures in place to ensure your students’ data is properly protected.

Evisense safeguarding measures #

  • Disable user access – users can be suspended from accessing Evisense.
  • Encryption – everything is encrypted: all communication with B Squared servers, where your data is stored, and all evidence on your device. B Squared staff are not able to access your data.
  • GDPR – Evisense is fully compliant with GDPR.
  • Multi-user PIN access – this means if more than one person is using a device each user of that particular device has their own unique PIN enabling them to access only their own evidence and posts.
  • Safe guarding leads – you can appoint users to the role of safe guarding leads. A safe guarding lead is notified when and why a post is reported. The safe guarding lead can make a decision about the post e.g. remove it permanently, edit it or reinstate it.

    Note: Once a post has been reported it is immediately removed.
  • Self-auditing – Evisense system records all interactions within the system. This means there is a record of all logins, downloads and views providing a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Student is on protection list – in My B Squared (the Evisense admin hub) a student can be flagged as on a protection list. This means that if you tag multiple students in Evisense and one of those is flagged as protected, the Evisense system stops you from sharing evidence relating to that student.

Addressing parental concerns about safe guarding data #

Your students’ parents may have questions about who has access to their child’s data. 

To reassure parents that their child’s data is properly safeguarded we have created a document – Information for Parents – that answers the most frequently answered questions that parents have regarding use of their child’s data.

You can access this document from the Evisense website and either save it and email it to parents, or you can print it.

We encourage teachers to familiarise themselves with the content of this document so that they understand how and where their data is stored.

To view the Information for parents document #

  1. Click the gear wheel icon on the Evisense toolbar.

  2. Select Information for Parents.

The Information for Parents document displays.