How do I add evidence using the Evisense App?

This video shows how Teachers can add evidence using the Evisense App.

Open the App and log in with your PIN. Tap the + symbol on the bottom right of the Evisense app. Then tap one of the icons bottom left to choose the type of evidence you want to capture (photo/video/audio).

To create a post in Evisense, simply tap to take a photo and then tap Save Photo. Next, enter a comment. 

Once you have taken your photo, you need to select who you want to give permission to view your post. You can choose Teachers Only, Teachers and Parents, or Everyone.

Next, tag the student (or students) the evidence relates to and add the aspect of learning.

If you have a current licence for our Connecting Steps assessment software, you can also link your evidence to assessments within Connecting Steps.

You can use the Secure Quick Camera Mode to capture evidence quickly whilst ‘on the go’. Tap the camera icon bottom middle. Capture the evidence and then come back to it later on to add your comment and create a post.