How can I get a copy of the data I store on my account and will it be in a format I can use?

Student data is able to be exported from the system using 2 export methods. The first method can export student’s summary end of year results in the subjects that are licenced. This is put into an XML file which can be imported into a variety of other systems dependent upon their ability to read our information.

Our other export creates a file that contains the raw data for the students. This file is constructed again in XML format however without our software to read and compile the information, it is of relatively little use existing in other systems. This type of export is primarily used to export data to other schools when a student moves on so their results can go with them and the new school already has their B Squared data (if they use B Squared Connecting Steps as well).

Evisense allows reports to be made containing all student’s data as required and individual items can be downloaded at any point for storage elsewhere. We record all activity of this type as part of our auditing commitment to help schools ascertain how their data is being accessed.

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