Welcome Evisense User

Welcome to Evisense!

We want to help you get started using our Evisense software to manage your school’s evidence of learning as quickly and easily as possible. So, we’ve created this Welcome page for all users of Evisense at your school. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look at our Getting Started guides – they cover everything you need to know when starting to use the Evisense website and the Evisense app in your school.
  2. Download the download the Evisense app – scroll down for links to all the places you can download the app.
  3. Complete our online training course – to get a good understanding of our Evisense works and how to get started.
  4. Watch our bite-sized training videos for help with specific tasks – we’ve created a series of ‘how to’ videos to help you.
  5. Get more help – scroll down for full details on how to access our support team if you need more help.

If you’re a parent wanting to get started with Evisense, visit our Welcome page for parents using Evisense.

If you are a Super Administrator of B Squared software at your school, then you’re in the wrong place! Don’t worry, just visit our Welcome page for Super Administrators instead.

Getting Started Guides

These guides cover everything you need to know when starting to use our evidence of learning software Evisense.

Online Training Courses

This FREE online training course helps schools learn how to use and get the most out of Evisense. Once you have completed all the sections successfully, you can download a Certificate of Completion.

Bite-sized Videos & Guides To Help With Specific Tasks

Need More Help?

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