Welcome Super Administrator

Welcome to B Squared!

We want to help get your school up and running with our software as quickly and easily as possible. So, we’ve created this Welcome page just for the Super Administrator of B Squared software at your school. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read our Getting Started guides – they cover everything you need to know when starting to use B Squared software (First Steps Guide) and explain exactly what you need to do (Getting Ready Guide).
  2. Complete our online training courses for Administrators – there’s one for our assessment software Connecting Steps and one for our evidence of learning software Evisense. 
  3. Watch our bite-sized videos or read our written guides for help with specific tasks – scroll down to see a list of videos/guides on key topics.
  4. Browse other useful documents – we’ve included assessment framework handbooks and framework comparison charts for Connecting Steps.
  5. Get more help – scroll down for full details on how to access our support team if you need more help.
  6. Support users at your school to get up and running quickly – direct your staff to the Welcome page for Connecting Steps users and the Welcome page for Evisense users.

If you aren’t a Super Administrator of B Squared software at your school, then you’re in the wrong place! Don’t worry, just visit our Welcome page for Connecting Steps users or visit our Welcome page for Evisense users instead.

Getting Started Guides

These guides cover everything you need to know when starting out as a Super Administrator of our software. They explain what you need to do to get ready to use B Squared software in your school.

Online Training Courses

These FREE training courses help schools learn how to use and get the most out of our software. Once you complete all the sections successfully, you can download a Certificate of Completion.

Connecting Steps Administration – COMING SOON

Evisense Administration

Bite-sized Videos & Guides To Help With Specific Tasks

Setting up Students, Groups and Users

These videos and written guides help you set up your school’s students, groups and users in our administration portal MyBSquared.

How to import students

How to add students manually

How to add a group

How to add users

Administrating Connecting Steps

These videos and written guides help you administer Connecting Steps, our assessment software.

First Steps with Connecting Steps V5

Managing Frameworks, Books and Structures

How to set best fit

How to set levels of achievement

Click here for more video guides

Evisense Support

Administrating Evisense

These video guides help you administer Evisense, our evidence of learning software.

How to set parental access for Evisense

How to authorise a device and set device restriction

How to set student access

How to set Safeguarding Leads

How to manage reported posts

Useful Documents

Connecting Steps Assessment Framework Handbooks 

These handbooks give detailed explanations of some of our latest assessment frameworks. Simply download the handbooks for the frameworks your school is using.

Engagement Steps

Progression Steps

Primary Steps

Steps 4 Life

Communication and Interaction

Autism Progress

Curriculum for Wales

Assessment Framework Comparison Charts

These charts show a comparison between our different frameworks as well as against statutory frameworks where applicable.

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