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What will we do in the event of data breach?

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A breach can occur in many ways. It seems to be a misunderstanding that the only way data can be breached is by having it forcibly taken from you or one of your systems, however this is not always the case. Data can be breached in a multitude of ways. One of the simplest forms is by an email being forwarded to the wrong person (depending on content of course). We may also be informed by a concerned party that data has been breached or discover through one of our monitoring systems that we may have been hacked. 

As soon as a data breach is detected or a data breach is logged with us and subsequently found to be true, we shall enact our requirements under Article 33 and assist you (the Controller) in your requirements to Article 34 in communicating with the data subject if required. Above this, we will also assist the controller in dealing with any media attention statements that may be required dependent upon the severity of the data breach.

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