What is the QR Code for?

What the QR code in Evisense is for and how to use it.

Your school can choose to include a  Quick Response Code (QR Code) on a report. This feature is useful when you want to show video evidence rather than something static as you would on a printed report.

Evidence Printing Options #

The options in this section let you choose what evidence types to include in your report: text posts, images, audio etc.

Note: Before you can use the QR reader on your device select the Show QR Code option when printing from the Evisense website.

To use the QR reader #

  1. Click on the black camera icon in the app
  2. Swipe to QR code shown at the bottom of the app.
  3. Point the camera at the QR code next to the piece of evidence.

The evidence will open on the device