Giving Students Access to Evisense

Schools can give access to students to use Evisense. This allows students to comment on their posts and add their own posts. To allow students to access Evisense, there are a couple of steps you must complete.

Granting Student Access

  1. From My BSquared navigate to Evisense Options
  2. In Student Access Section 
  3. Use Slider to Enable Student Access

Inviting Students to use Evisense

  1. From My BSquared, navigate to Manage Students.
  2. Find the appropriate student and select the Edit icon (pencil) to access the Edit User panel.
  3. Click on the ‘Add an email address to give access to Evisense for this student.
  4. Type in the student’s email address
  5. Once entered, make sure to turn on access to Evinsese.
  6. Click Save

The student will now receive an email inviting them to create a password. Once they create their password they can log in to Evisense in the web browser or use the Evisense app.