Quick start guide for the Evisense website

Evisense overview #

Use Evisense as a quick and simple way to store evidence of learning. Evidence of learning can be photos, videos, and audio format.

You can capture, annotate and share photos, videos, audio, PDFs or written observations using Evisense.

Log in #

From your browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome etc) go to  https://uk.evisense.com and enter your username and password.

Adding evidence

  1. Click the Add New button in the top right of the page.
  2. The post type will depend on what default post type your account has set, if you would like a different post type, then you need to click the down arrow next to the Add New.
  3. Add the content to the post.
  4. If you want, you can also change the visibility, add media or change when it is posted.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the group.
  7. Select the student in the group.
  8. If you would like to post about multiple students, you can you just need to click on another student(if you want to post for the whole group, you can select the entire group).
  9. Choose the framework, subject, profile, level, strand and assessment(s) if applicable.
  10. Choose aspects if applicable.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Check that all details on the post are correct and click Publish.
  13. If you do not want to publish the post, you can save it as a draft for later.

Viewing posts #

You can view posts in several ways in Evisense:

  • You feed on the home page will show all posts relevant to you, with the most recent at the top.
  • To view all posts about a student, use the Search For Student button on the left sidebar, This will open up a page where you can search for the student at the top of the screen and see all posts related to them. While on the student in this page, you can also view it as a parent so that you can show the page to parents who are not online. 
  • To view all posts for a student for a specific curriculum, use the filters at the top of the page under the filters button.
  • You can see all your own posts by clicking the posts made by you button on the sidebar.
  • You can also view any media by clicking the gally button in the sidebar.

Getting around the Evisense website #

To return to the home page from any page on the Evisense site, click the home icon.

Options #

Change password, user preferences, user assistance #

Click on your profile picture (bottom left on your screen, it may be your initials) to show options such as: Evisense documentation, news, Blocked Users, change your password, user preferences, notifications, and log out.

Untagged and deleted posts #

If you click the gallery button on the left, you can view all the unused media.

To see deleted posts, you just need to change the “Deleted Only?” switch at the top of the home page on.

Data security #

You can find all the details you need about this in the Evisense documentation in your profile.