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Setting a framework for an individual student

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You can see which framework a student is assigned to in the Manage Students screen of MyBSquared.

You can also edit which framework is associated with a particular student in this screen.

To change which framework a student is linked to:

  1. Navigate to Manage Students V5 in MyBSquared.
  2. Search for the required student. Use the filters and alphabet to help you search.
  3. Click the edit icon next to the required student.

The Edit Student window opens showing the student’s current framework. (Default shows in brackets if that is their current framework).

  1. Click the edit icon next to the Current Framework field.

The Edit Frameworks window opens.

  1. Click the plus icon in the Edit column.

The Edit Framework window opens with the option to choose a framework.

  1. Click Choose Framework and select the required framework.
  2. Enter the Start Date.

Connnecting Steps applies the end date based on the age range of a particular framework.

  1. Click Save.

The Edit Student window opens showing the framework you selected.

  1. Click Save.

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