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The Assessment Files screen in MyBSquared is where you manage the Books your school has purchased.

Active Books

All the Books your school is currently using are shown in the Active Books section. This shows all the books you have currently turned on.

Books are grouped together in a series, only one book in a series can be active at any time. For example: your school may have the Early Years 2012 turned on, then your school upgrades to Early Years 2021. As soon as you activate the Early Years 2021, the system automatically de-activates Early Years 2012.

Available Books

This section shows you all the available books to your school. It is country specific, this means if you are a school in, for example, Scotland, you see the books your school has purchased and books that are linked to Scotland.

Current Books are all the books available in your country that are in line with current guidance. Books your school has purchased have a black cross icon next to them. Those not purchased have a greyed out cross icon next to them.

Old Books shows books that you have purchased that have been replaced with a newer versions or that are not inline with current guidance.

To activate a book

  1. Navigate to Assessment Files in MyBSquared.
  2. Scroll down to Available Books.
  3. Click the plus icon next to the book you want to activate.

The book becomes active and is shown in the list of Active Books.

To de-activate a book

  1. Navigate to Assessment Files in MyBSquared.
  2. Scroll down to Active Books.
  3. Click the delete icon next to the book you want to de-activate.

The book is removed from the list of Active Books.

Note: de-activating a book does not delete any data associated with the book.

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