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Instructions to re-compute your school’s data for CSAM.

Due to the amount of data CSAM needs, CSAM uses data that has already been calculated. This is calculated by a process called Level Status that is Running on the Servers on a constant loop. It means the data in CSAM is generally a few hours behind Connecting Steps.

Occassaionlly the data get calculated wrongly and needs rebuilt. This can be caused by changing frameworks.

To recalculate your data:

  1. Navigate System Administration I Assessment Files
  2. Under Level Status details click  Re-compute Level Status
  3. A confirmation box will appear. ‘Are you sure you want to delete all values and recalculate your data?’  Don’t worry Click Yes
  4. The schools data will now recalculate. This process will take several hours to complete.

‘Are you sure you want to delete all values and recalculate your data?’  This is only referring to the Level Status Table it won’t delete any data from Connecting Steps 

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