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This new feature is probably the most powerful. The group filter allows you to drill down further into the report, you can choose from a number of preselected filters to further split the data.


This filter group splits the report into each year group. This allows you to see if a particular year group is performing strongly or if a year group is not performing as well as expected.

Key Stage

This filter performs the same way as the Years filter, splitting the group into the different key stages.

Primary Need

The Primary Need report will split the report into the different primary needs within the cohort (this requires pupils to have their primary needs set in Connecting Steps) and show how each cohort is performing.


The Main group filter is used for the main cohorts schools tend to look at when looking at data. This allows schools to quickly compare these cohorts on a single graph. The cohorts included are;

  • Male
  • Female
  • SEN
  • Not SEN
  • FSM
  • CLA
  • Not CLA
  • FSM & CLA
  • Not FSM or CLA

To go back to the starting graph, change the group filter to Default.

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