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General Issues with running reports

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When running reports a user may encounter very diverse results. These are mainly where a student or group of students show a huge amount of progress. This can be caused by two factors – Baseline and Date range.

If a report is taken with a start date before that of a baseline the results will show as if the student has made 0% of the lowest level for that curriculum. 

If a student does not have a baseline then the results will be taken from 0% of the lowest level for that curriculum

Follow these steps to ensure the correct data is shown

  • Ensure all students have baselines for each subject area. 
  • When running a report, ensure all students are in the report date range
  • Run reports the day after the baseline date, this will remove the spike between the lowest level and the baseline.
  • Ensure age relevant curriculum are correct. This can be found under System Administration I Options I Curriculum’s and Ages 
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