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Can I change the length of the timeout?

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We have given users 2 options when logging on, this affects the length of the timeout…

Public/Shared Computer

If you are logging into this site from a machine or account that is not secured to you personally, please choose this option as it will set the auto logout of the site to 20 minutes. This is a security precaution to help you limit unauthorised access to your information.

Private Computer

If you are logging in from your own machine, you can select the Private Computer option. This will increase the timeout to 60 minutes. Please be aware that if you leave your computer unattended at any point, it is good security practice to lock your computer to prevent unauthorised access.

Please be aware it is your responsibility to ensure that the once you have logged in, you ensure that the system is not accessed by anyone not authorised to do so. The automatic logout is there to help protect you and your sensitive data.

timeouts count down from the last click on our site

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