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Adding Evidence for a Group

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In the Group Assessment by Level Screen 

  1. From The Selection Tab select the Class and Level required.
  2. Click on the Evidence Tab
  3. Click ‘ Add Evidence’ 
  4. an Evisense it! pop up will appear 
  5. Click on the ‘Paper Clip’ in top right 
  6. Select piece of evidence as Required.
  7. Add a Comment 

Note: By default the program will select all student that are licenced to be used in Evisense, within the selected Group. If evidence is not to be loaded for a particular student they can be removed by clicking on the X next to the name.

At this point the user can edit several option before uploading the evidence.

Tag Students: Allows user to add more Students to the piece of evidence

When are you posting this for : Right now, Date of Media, Custom Date. Allow any date to be set for a piece of evidence to be uploaded.

Choose Privacy Post: Teachers Only, Teachers and Parents, All users

Link to Assessment: Allows user to link other Curriculum, Subject, Profile, Level, Strand, Assessment points

Once Editing has been complete Click the ‘Upload’ Button

Note: If Assessment points have been associated with the uploaded evidence an ‘Orange Triangle’ will appear in the box

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